Our Team Is Devoted To Bring You Success

We specialize in accounting of small and medium-sized businesses. Our clients are in the sphere of construction, wholesale and retail, hotels, restaurants, services, production, farmers, architects, doctors, etc.

Profound expertise in the area of accounting, taxes and finance stand next to the name Prime Audit and Accounting. We render the full range of accounting services and administration, solve your tax cases, regardless of how complicated they might be, perform financial transactions and offer you consultations accompanying your business. The accounting service, we are offering you will exceed your expectations for professionalism, accuracy and honesty.

We always aim to build up long-term relations with our clients based on mutual trust. We will accept your aims as ours and together with you we will address your issues, so your business has the chance to develop and prosper.

Our efforts are focused exclusively and fully on our clients. The accounting services we provide are aimed at providing utmost benefit for your business with prices and quality– without competition. Business ethics is most important for us.

The loyalty to the client, client’s company secret, the honesty in relations, the thorough understanding of client’s problems are true values of Prime Audit and Accounting.

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Silvia Handjieva, Co-founder, Managing Partner, MA in Accounting and Controlling, Chief Accountant.

Siyka Ivanova, HR Specialist, Operative Accountant, MA in Human Resources, BA in Antropology.

Hristo Panev, Co-founder, Partner. MA in Finance, Tax Lawyer. Experienced in taxation matters.


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