• Current bookkeeping of the business activities of the assignor; processing, summarization and analysis of the accounting information according to IAS;
  • Consultation on accounting matters;
  • Preparation and submission of INTRASTAT declarations;
  • Preparation and submission of annual tax declarations of the Assignor and the relevant appendixes; Preparation of interim financial reports etc.;
  • Preparation of Annual Financial Statement and its submission with the National Statistics Institute (NSI) and National Revenues Agency;
  • Preparation of all required accounting documents and references in the event of tax inquiries and / or inspections, as well as provision of expert opinions in relation to tax inquiry and / or inspection;
  • Preparation of payment orders;
  • Preparation and submission of personal tax declarations of natural persons related to the Client (Directors and / or Shareholders)
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Payroll Services

  • Completion of the data of Client’s employees and the data provided by the Client in employment contracts and other documents related to the initiation, development and termination of employment relationships, where the Client is a party;
  • Preparation and submission of all documents related to the initiation, development and termination of the labor relationships, where the Assignor is a party with the NRA and the National Social Security Institute (NSSI);
  • Administration of sick-leaves and days off;
  • Calculation of the due remuneration, compensations and other payments to the Client’s employees based on the data provided by the Client and preparation of the respective payment orders.

Tax Advisory

No matter the type of your business or the complexity of you corporate structure, taxation always affects significantly every financial and business step you take.

We will help you understand Bulgarian tax laws and the applicable international agreements and European regulations necessary for the proper application of Bulgaria’s tax rules. We will provide:

  • Tax-effective solutions;
  • Comprehensive consulting related to VAT, corporate and personal taxation, withholding taxes and all other direct and indirect taxes;
  • Consultation related to Bulgarian taxes;
  • Tax advisory services related to the application of treaties for avoiding double taxation and preparation of the documentation for their application;
  • Consultation related to tax effects of business relations, mergers and acquisitions, and other issues related to business management decisions;
  • Representation before the tax authorities, including during tax audits and checks, as well as assistance in the preparation and filing of declaration forms and other reporting forms required by the tax authorities;

Company Incorporation

We will advise you in choosing the type of company to register. Each structure has its advantages and disadvantages, which thanks to years of experience we will explain to you. We have a team of professionals who will assist you in each step in the process of establishing the company – from choosing the type of company to its registration in the relevant institution.

Compliance Reporting

In the global business environment, the only certainty is uncertainty. Even in a surging economy, risk abounds. Perhaps your competitor releases a brand-new product or develops a new technology. Perhaps your supply chain is disrupted by political upheaval or natural disasters. Perhaps your leadership is rocked internally by scandal or insider trading. But of all potential risks, the one that can be the most vexing is the problem of compliance.

Statutory Reporting

Statutory reporting is the compulsory submission of financial and non-financial information to local authorities. In order to fulfil these, relevant data needs to be combined from different sources into different formats, as well as applying different valuation and accounting values. Also, any changes made within the wider corporate structure need to be reflected properly in the books.

AFS Announcing

According to Art. 38, para. 1 of the LCA, by June 30 of the following year, the enterprises publish the annual financial statements, the consolidated financial statements and the annual reports under Chapter Seven of the LSA, adopted by the general meeting of the partners or shareholders or by the respective body. Prime Audit & Accounting can publish annual reports for you, which will save you time.

Legal Services

Prime Audit and Accounting offers legal services to Bulgarian and foreign corporate clients in all major branches of law. We value our customers and therefore assist in areas that are of the highest importance to businesses operating in both local and international markets. Prime Audit and Accounting will assist you in commercial transactions and contracts, in real estate transactions, in insolvency and liquidation proceedings, mergers and acquisitions, assistance in the field of company law, administrative law, tax law, and EU law.


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